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Cabin arrival

The Crane and Jardine cabins have arrived.

It took about 5 hours to move them the short distance from their original home to the City of Montgomery. Starting at 9PM on Thursday night, the moving team, consisting of the house movers, electric company, police department and assorted volunteers, began the slow trip through Montgomery country. Luckily, despite a few minor hiccups, the move went very well and the cabins are in-place and ready to be lowered onto their new foundations. 

This is a big step in the Fernland park project. Now that the cabins have arrived, the long process of restoration and preparation can begin. If you are interested in helping, click on the contact link and drop us an email.

Lastly, thank you to the neighbors at the original site for graciously putting up with the minor inconvenience as the cabins moved through your neighborhood.



On the move

Well move time has finally come. It has taken a lot of work, and we have worked through many delays and issues, but the first of the buildings is on the move. The blacksmith shop will the first building placed at the new site.

More photos here.


Digging piers for the Hulen



As mentioned before, it is taking a little longer than expected to get things moving, but the project is still progressing. We expect the first moves to take place within a few weeks.

Along with the hundreds of artifacts that have been collected from the site (and will be on display in the Montgomery location), is a redwood cross-section. This piece details its long history through the growth rings.



The first move...(updated)

Welll, it is taking a little longer than expected to start the moves, but we are getting close. The new pad sites are ready and the blacksmith shop and tree trunk are ready to go. 

Check out some of the photos of the blacksmith shop all packed up and ready to move. Photos.



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