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A new chimney

It has taken a lot of hard work, but the Jardine chimney is complete. This marks the completion of the first of four chimneys that needed to be rebuilt within the park. A lot was learned during the the work on this chimney, not the least is the high cost. If you are interested in helping the park with the additional chimneys and other projects, please visit our donation page.


Simonton arrives

It was a long night on 6/1/2011, but the Simonton house made the trip without a hitch. The next steps are to place it on its new foundation and start repairs.

I have added more photos of the move here.


Simonton on the move

It has taken a lot of work getting to this point, but the Simonton house is finally on the move.  The house was moved today from its present site to a staging area across the street. Weather permitting, it will make the journey to its new home at Fernland Park early next week.

Thanks to all of the volunteers, City staff, The Montgomery Historical Society and Cherry house moving for making this happen.

more images


Jardine Chimney

This past week, work began on recreation of the mud-and-stick chimney on the Jardine house. This type of chimney would have been what you would have found on cabins of this age. Due to their relative impermanence, very few examples of these chimneys exist today.

Stop by and check out the progress. More photos.


Come and see us

Fernland Historical Park will be open to the public on April 30th and May 1st during the Montgomery Antique Festival.

Come out and take a tour & show your support for the park. There will be many opportunities available to help support the park, from cabin sponsorship to personalized pavers and benches. We are also holding a raffle.

Tickets can be purchased at our booth during the antique festival or beforehand from the City of Montgomery city hall and The Gun Emporium.


Hope to see you there.

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