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Frozen sugarcane...

Here’s the problem… we have this great sugarcane press that came with the cabins from the original site. The press was made around 1905 and has been outside for 105 years. We’re guessing that it has been frozen up for the last 50 years, or more.

No matter how much we tried and no matter how much strength, oil, leverage, harsh words were applied, we could not break the press free. This is a problem because we want this park to be a working example of history. In this light, it would be fantastic to demonstrate how the press worked.

This is where Liquid Wrench came to the rescue. The Radiator Specialty Company, makers of Liquid Wrench, graciously offered to send us enough Liquid Wrench to do the job. It arrived this morning and by the afternoon, the sugarcane press is working great.  We slowly poured about one and one-half gallons of Liquid Wrench into the mechanism and had it broken loose in less than an hour.  We knew it would work, but never expected it would be that quickly!

All we can say is that Liquid Wrench is incredible! Thank you so much for the generous donation.

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