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Feed the Frontier

Fernland will be hosting the Montgomery County Food Bank's Feed the Frontier event again this year. It was very successful last year and hopefully it will do even better this year.

All proceeds go to help the food bank. For each $1 donated, 7 meals are given to those in need and transferred to over 51 non-profit agencies in Montgomery County.

Please come out and support this great cause. There will be Live Music, Horseshoe Tournaments, Food, Inflatables for Kids, Shoot-Outs, Re-enactments, Western Art, Kids Corral and much more.

Hope to see you there this Saturday (11/19) from 11 to 7.



Thank you

Thanks to all that came out on Saturday. We had a great time showing off the park and museum. Here are some photos and a slide presentation of the day.


slight adjustment 

Slight adjustment... The dedication will be at 11:30. See you there.


Fernland Dedication

Ferland Historical Park will be open during the Montgomery Wine and Music Festival on September 17th. We will also be having a formal dedication event at 11:30. Please come and out and see how far we have come with the park. The museum will be open as well.

We look forward to seeing you.


The Fernland gift shop and information center

Are you interested in owning and running your own business? Fernland Historical Park is looking for candidates to run a shop and information center within the park. The space would be provided in return for performance of a number of activities within the park, such as opening and closing the homes and museum on a daily basis.

If you are interested and would like more information, please contact .

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