Fernland Historical Park is a project run and managed by Fernland Inc.

Fernland Inc. is a not for profit organization whose sole purpose is to assist the City of Montgomery in relocating historic homes and log cabins to Montgomery to establish a museum and educational center that will improve the lifestyle of the City's residents, attract tourism and provide educational opportunities for the public.

Current Hours: Park open for self-guided walking tours during daylight hours. Docent Hours: Closed on Mondays. 11-5 Tuesday - Saturday. 12 - 4 Sunday.

Photography is allowed, but there are some rules as follows:


  1. Only during park hours which are dawn to dusk
  2. Natural light only. No props, lighting setups or any other large equipment
  3. Do not block or hinder the public in any way. You should work around the public, not the other way around
  4. Do not alter, modify, rearrange the historic buildings or their furnishings in any way. This includes hanging anything from the buildings
  5. Do not climb on, sit on or stand on any item which was not intended for this purpose


That's about it. Have fun, but please keep in mind that this park is supported by private volunteers and funding. If you are a professional, or otherwise charging for your shoot, please consider leaving a small donation in one of the donation boxes or via our website. We want to keep Fernland a great place for photography, but we can't do that without financial assistance from our guests.

If you would like more information, please contact us.


Location & Directions

Fernland Park is located at 770 Clepper St., Montgomery Texas 77356. You can't miss it.

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